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Matrix™ Polished Concrete &Terrazzo Maintenance System

Innovation That Floors You…

Betco® is excited to announce the Matrix™ Polished Concrete & Terrazzo Maintenance System, the simplest concrete maintenance system on the market. Achieve better looking floors, with a deep gloss and stain resistance in less time. This system effectively combines the right cleaner, sealant infused pads, proper tooling and equipment to make your floor investment easy and affordable.

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Floorcare Myths: A higher solids finish is more durable

Floorcare is one of the most challenging cleaning tasks cleaning contractors and facility managers must grapple with. It is time consuming, often stressful, and costly. Complicating matters, several myths have evolved that can make the entire process all the more challenging. One of the biggest myths involves floor finish “solids.”

Usually expressed as a percentage of weight, floor finish solids are whatever is left on the floor after the coating dries and cures. A coating with 50 percent solids, for instance, will be half evaporated after it dries. This means that the higher the solids in the floor finish, the more coating you will have left on the floor after it dries.

These solids are often a blend of several ingredients, each having a specific purpose. These ingredients help the finish resist scuffs, reduce bubbling, improve adhesion and slip resistance, and last but not least, determine overall durability.  Continue reading


The Floor Finish is the Foundation

The Floor Finish is the Foundation

It was not that many years ago that property managers, wanting their hard surface floors to have a higher-gloss shine, would ask their jansan distributors and contract cleaners if they could suggest a good “wax” to use on the floor. For more than a century, that was the term used to describe floor finishes, and there was a good reason for it. Many of the early floor polishes were pastes made from leaves of the carnuba plant mixed with other ingredients. These waxes were combined with water to make a liquid paste, which could be buffed using a low-speed machine to clean the floor and produce a reasonably good shine.

Floor Care Maintenance - Sustainable Cleaning Equipment

Polymer emulsion finishes, introduced about 40 years ago, were the first really big advance in floor finishes. These were more durable than waxes, easier to apply to the floor, and usually required little maintenance other than dust and damp mopping. However, over time, the appearance of the floor—specifically the shine—would deteriorate, usually requiring that the floor be stripped and refinished.

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