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BioActive Solutions ™ Rebranded

bioactive solutions rebrandRebranded with New Sales Content, New Product and a New Look!

The BioActive Solutions line has been revamped with modified names, up to date marketing materials, and new label designs. Marketing materials have been updated to make things simpler and easy to understand. Along with the rebrand, the marketing materials will detail the role of bacteria, what they are, how they work, why they work, and who they work for.

Germs: The Top Six Germ-Infested Locations, Part One

Have you ever put your hand on something and then thought, “I wonder how dirty that is”? Reality is, germs are just about everywhere and ready to attack. Without the proper measures of disinfecting, you are susceptible to getting sick.

Where will you find the most germs? Of all the places you visit, six stand out as the places where you are most likely to come in contact with disease-causing germs and bacteria. Here are the first three, along with the germiest “touch points” at each location . . . and some of these might surprise you! Continue reading