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Clario® E2 Antibacterial Foaming Skin Cleanser

E2Betco Corporation® is pleased to announce its new Clario® Antibacterial Foaming Skin Cleanser E2, a cleanser specially formulated free of Alcohol and Triclosan. Clario® E2 Antibacterial Foaming Skin Cleanser is listed with NSF International for use in all regulated food processing and food service environments. E2 is effective against common organisms caused by spoilage and foodborne illnesses plus it leaves hands feeling clean and refreshed without stickiness, dryness or residue.

Smart Steps Grocery Program- Going from Retail to Food Service

grocery brochureBetco Corporation® has spent many years observing and listening to Grocery Personnel around the US and Canada. There is one thing very clear, consumer loyalty is their driving force and key to survival. This has created the need to shrink the traditional aisles and open up the outer floor space for unique and prepared meals. Delighting the customer is the first objective that we hear over and over again. Our Smart Steps Grocery Program is designed to achieve this goal. Starting with the critical appearance of their floors to all sanitation needs of their food preparation areas. Keeping restrooms and pharmaceutical touch points free of unwanted germs are key areas of consumer impression. This program focuses exactly on what the consumer expects and the Grocery industry is trying to achieve.

Clean Measures Long Term Care Program – A Program Designed by YOU


Betco Corporation® has invested countless hours of research getting direct input from those working in both Nursing Homes and Extended Care Facilities. Our new Clean Measures Long Term Care Program focuses on what’s important to them when it comes to maintaining a safe and healthy facility. Rather than focusing on the latest and greatest in product or price, this critical input provides insight to the key areas of the daily challenges facing this industry. Setting the stage for recommending the correct solutions while fostering continued investment into innovative designs. It is projected over 12 Million Americans will need long term care in 2020. At Betco, we have a sense of responsibility to make sure we provide the products, training and knowledge to ensure a safe and healthy facility is achieved.

Clario® Antibacterial Foaming Skin Cleanser E2

Betco Corporation® is pleE2ased to announce its new Clario® Antibacterial Foaming Skin Cleanser E2, a cleanser specially formulated free of Alcohol and Triclosan. Clario® E2 Antibacterial Foaming Skin Cleanser is listed with NSF International for use in all regulated food processing and food service environments. E2 is effective against common organisms caused by spoilage and foodborne illnesses plus it leaves hands feeling clean and refreshed without stickiness, dryness or residue.

The New Crewman™ Orbital Strip Machine

crewman orbitalBetco Corporation® unveiled their newest equipment innovation at the ISSA/Interclean trade show in Las Vegas … The new Crewman™ Orbital Strip Machines deliver maximum head pressure to increase productivity and effectiveness for all surface prep needs! The powerful 1.5 HP motor operates at 3,400 RPM to cut through multiple layers of the toughest floor finish in just one pass. The Crewman Orbital Strip Machines can also be equipped with sanding screens to quickly abrade and level wood floors or gymnasiums without leaving unsightly swirl marks. Betco continues to listen to YOU and your needs! Contact Betco Corporation today about our latest Innovation, the Crewman Orbital Strip Machine.

Betco® Pine Quat

betco pine quatBetco Corporation® announces the newest addition to its disinfectant product line, Betco Pine Quat. With general disinfectant efficacy against 51 pathogens, Betco Pine Quat is perfect for Education, Long Term Care, Building Service Contractors, or anywhere there is a need for disinfection and deodorization.  Betco Pine Quat cleans and disinfects while leaving a pleasant and fresh pine fragrance. You asked so we listened; this product meets the needs of today’s end user who is looking for a general disinfectant that provides odor elimination and superior cleaning performance.

Betco Corporation® to Host Stone and Tile Seminar in Toledo!

stone2On April 2-3, 2014, Betco Corporation® will be hosting a Stone and Tile Seminar in Toledo, Ohio. The seminar will be instructed by author, consultant and cleaning industry educator, William R. Griffin. Hurry and register, the seminar is only open to the  first 30 attendees! This seminar is a great opportunity to earn certification in stone, tile and concrete cleaning and maintenance. For more information, you can contact John Reed, National Training Director at Betco at For more information about the event, please visit,

Introducing BetONE™ RTU and Wipes!

Betco® is pleased tBetone fixedo announce the launch of BetONE™ RTU and BetONE™ Wipes.  BetONE offers 25 kills, all in one minute. BetONE is available as both a Ready-to-Use quart, as well as 7”x9” disposable wipes. The formula has efficacy against the top 25 healthcare pathogens in just one minute. If you are interested in learning more about BetONE, visit BetONE on our website!

Betco Announces the SRT Advantage Program™!

The Scuff Resistant Technology (SRT™) Advantage Program is a comprehensive floor care maintenance system for all stages of the Life Cycle of Floor Care from start to finish! This program is for retailers large and small to provide the highest level of appearance and improve safety with quality products. Betco understands the role of Retail facility managers ensuring that they attract and retain srt advantage programcustomers through clean and healthy environments.

Along with this program, Betco is also adding another innovative floor finish … Touch Up™ with SRT!

Touch Up with SRT is a low odor, superior black heel mark resistant, top scrub floor finish that is used in the Interim Maintenance Procedure in the SRT Advantage Program. Touch Up with SRT is formulated to add protection when Routine Maintenance no longer produces the results you demand. Touch Up with SRT adds durability and gloss over existing finish for Scrub and Recoats and is easy to strip. Excellent leveling and low odor makes it easy to apply.

Betco Corporation® Introduces BetONE®!

Betco Corporation® is introducing BetONE® ! The BetONE RTU and Wipes at Betco Corporation will leave your surfaces germ free in just ONE minute! BetONE Wipes or RTU spray to easily clean and disinfect  a variety of hard surfaces. There is now No more guessing if you need to let dwell one time for one pathogen and a different time for another. BetONE will Kill 25 of the top healthcare pathogens.

Stay tuned for more events to come at ISSA Interclean 2013!


Please see the attached flyer for a special Presale Offer!

A New Addition to the FastDraw® Family!

fastdrawBetco Corporation® is pleased to announce the newest addition to the FASTDRAW® family of products … FASTDRAW PRO®. The durable looking exterior is matched by a robust 3 point lock for each door and hinges that withstand the toughest cleaning environment. This versatile dispenser is designed to dispense to bottles or buckets from each bay and can be mounted on a flat wall or in a corner. Filling quart bottles has never been easier, simply slide the fill tube into the bottle and push up. The FASTDRAW chemical management systems are essential for any facility looking to reduce their chemical costs and improve safety.

Betco® Partners with Quick Request

qrcodeBetco Corporation® has partnered with Quick Request, a cutting-edge smartphone technology to better manage the cleanliness and appearance of stores. Quick Request is a software service that allows customers to use their own smartphones to report problems, request services, and provide feedback. The system allows companies to conduct quick inspections of the store from any smartphone. Quick Request records all interactions automatically and notifies any issues to the appropriate staff member immediately.

Betco CleanDegrees® Education Program

Betco Corporation®, in conjunction with the release of the ISSA and Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) Clean Standard, has announced the launch of Betco CleanDegrees® Education Program. The goal of this program is to encompass all aspects of the ISSA/CIRI standard and provide schools with a useful tool that helps them objectively measure and monitor the level of cleanliness within their facilities, while improving the quality of indoor environments for their students and staff.

Schools that adopt the Betco CleanDegrees Education Program will achieve a reduction in germs and bacteria on key touch point areas such as desktops, water fountains, lockers and restroom sinks by utilizing Betco’s ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) meter system, reducing absenteeism and ensuring a clean and healthy environment for students and faculty.


Welcome Scott Blakely!

blakelyBetco Corporation® is pleased to welcome Scott Blakely to the Betco Marketing Team as the Vice President, Market Development.

Betco is focused on creating cleaning innovations that matter. As the Vice President of Market Development, Scott will tailor solution based programs to target end user markets. Scott began his career with equipment manufacturers, Tennant and NSS Enterprises. Most recently, Scott directed the entire cleaning maintenance category and service offerings for the North American Corporation in Glenview, IL.

“Scott Blakely’s combined experience and accomplishments in designing and customizing end-user driven solutions will greatly contribute to achieving Betco’s strategic objectives,” stated Brad Betz, Betco’s Vice President of Marketing.

LWW Packaging Enhancement

1052Betco Corporation® has introduced a packaging enhancement to our line of solid products. Central to the enhancement is an improved capsule design that will deliver greater reliability by allowing for the natural expansion and contraction that is common in solid products. The new capsule is approximately ¼” taller and ¼” narrower than the old capsule, but retains the “Gripper Handle” that is so popular with our customers and will still fit into existing dispensers. The dimensions of the shipping case have been changed to accommodate the new capsule, and we have added a flat piece of cardboard that sits on top of the jars, called a “layer pad”, that improves the stability of the capsules during shipment. The following impacted products are below:

 Impacted Products: 

23973-00 Symplicity™ Blaze Machine Detergent
24073-00 Symplicity™ Green Earth® Machine Detergent 
25671-00 Symplicity™ Green Earth® Pot & Pan Detergent
24771-00 Symplicity™ Pinnacle Presoak
47471-00 Symplicity™ Green Earth® Duet-S Laundry Detergent

Symplicity™ Warewashing Proposal Builder

iBet2Betco Corporation® is proud to announce the new Symplicity™ Warewashing Proposal Builder! Now live on and iBet™, the Symplicity Warewashing Proposal Builder is a “game changing tool” for you to use to quickly survey and custom-build a program for your potential Warewashing customers. Symplicity Warewashing Proposal Builder will capture every key aspect of a Food Service kitchen operation. It exposes how the customer’s present chemical supplier may not be fulfilling their needs, and how you and Betco set themselves apart by offering the safest, most comprehensive and cost effective program – Clean, Safe and Simple!

You can access this simple tool right now on!