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Betco New Leadership Promotions

New Leadership Promotions at Betco

Paul Betz, Betco® Corporation, CEO, is excited to announce the following Betco Corporation promotions:

Brad Betz has been promoted to the position of President.

Denise Lennard has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer.

Tony Lyons continues as Chief Financial Officer.

“This new team is vital to the growth of our business,” said Paul Betz. “We’re excited about this transition and are looking forward to the future. I trust this team to help lead Betco into a next generation of innovation, advancing our position in the industry.”

Click here to view the full press release.

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Matrix™ Polished Concrete &Terrazzo Maintenance System

Innovation That Floors You…

Betco® is excited to announce the Matrix™ Polished Concrete & Terrazzo Maintenance System, the simplest concrete maintenance system on the market. Achieve better looking floors, with a deep gloss and stain resistance in less time. This system effectively combines the right cleaner, sealant infused pads, proper tooling and equipment to make your floor investment easy and affordable.

Matrix Video Play

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iBet Facility Resources Suite


Introducing iBet®.

The iBet Facility Resources Suite is a comprehensive approach to facility maintenance, training and evaluation.

This cloud-based application provides you with the tools that will empower your facility to operate at the highest efficiency, adding value beyond the product.

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Betco Innovations

Betco® 2016 Innovations Update

At Betco®, we are proud to continue our investment and commitment to bringing our customers and partners innovative cleaning solutions.

In 2016, we accomplished many things.

  • We moved into a brand new, state-of-the-art facility that allows our team to perform in a better and more innovative capacity.
  • Our Compass Hand Hygiene Program helped create healthier environments with its comprehensive solution, guiding individuals to proper hand hygiene.
  • We enabled organizations to critically assess their current cleaning and maintenance programs with iBet® Facility Resources Suite while offering a detailed plan to achieve superior results.
  • Our MotoMop™ Small Area Cleaning Machine pushed the status quo by dropping the mop and banning the bucket, making it possible to achieve the very best sanitation.

Although the year is coming to an end, we here at Betco will continue to strive for improvement. Check out the video for a closer look at all that we have done in 2016!

2016 Innovations

2015 Innovations in Review

In 2015 we introduced many new products and product improvements. Betco’s creativity in making Cleaning Innovations That Matter for 2015 is now ready to view.  At Betco, we are proud to continue our commitment to bringing our customers and our partners innovative solutions. We thank you for your support. Click the link below to see what we have done in 2015!

Video show

Stay tuned as we continue to introduce more innovations in 2016! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, online at or call Customer Service at (888) GO-BETCO.


Betco is Better: Scuff Resistant Technology (SRT)

We took on the competition in our latest study to find which products provide the best resistance to black heel marks (BHMs). Using side-by-side industry specific test methods, white tiles were subjected to repeated impacts from numerous black heels. The results were analyzed and reported as a percent of BHM’s. The results above tell all. Not only do Betco products with SRT exhibit less BHM’s, it is also easier to remove the ones that do appear. The best choice is Betco SRT every time. Click here for more information.

New Product Updates

Betco Latest Product Updates

Improved Sour and Softener
Betco customers asked for softer linens even in the harshest water conditions. We answered. Sour and Softener (440) has been reformulated to work even harder.
  • Enhanced performance in accounts with iron in their potable water supply
  • Deeper blue color
Fragrance Update 
In response to customer feedback, the AF79 Concentrate fragrance has been updated to Ocean Breeze. Smell and feel the best knowing there will be no change in the efficacy or price. 
  • Non-acid formula is safe for use on all hard, nonporous water washable surfaces
  • Pleasant Ocean Breeze fragrance
  • Efficacious against VRE and MRSA, staph, salmonella, pseudomonas and HIV-1 (AIDS)
  • Non-acid formulation is safe to use every day
SYMPLICITY™ Product Line Update
We have made some updates to our powdered laundry offerings. We have discontinued SYMPLICITY Classic Premium Detergent (555). We are also re-introducing our classic  formula under its new name, SYMPLICITY Classic LD (550).
Our newest addition to our line of laundry offerings is  SYMPLICITY Powdered Laundry Detergent (5001). This new powdered laundry detergent offers a competitive option for conversion to the SYMPLICITY line.
Log in to Customer Central or contact Customer Service at 1-888-GO-BETCO for any questions or pricing.

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Betco’s New CleanMeasures™ Long Term Care Program

Introducing Betco’s new CleanMeasures™ Long Term Care Program. Betco® has become a leading industry expert in developing innovative solutions and products for the long term care market. Betco’s  CleanMeasures® Long Term Care Program focuses on every aspect to ensure overall tenant satisfaction.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It … Hear For Yourself.

Click here to learn more about our program and what the industry experts have to say!

Innovation isn’t a new direction for Betco, but a continuous commitment we’ve made to the market, our customers and ourselves. Betco’s CleanMeasures® Long Term Care Program was created by listening to the experts and observing the needs of the industry.

Check out for all our Long Term Care updates.


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New on Betco U: Hospitality and Lodging

The hospitality and lodging market is a fast-growing and stable market with a need for products in housekeeping, laundry and warewashing.

This means added potential for customers to increase their income. Supply solutions that will assist customers are: enhanced guest experience, controlled labor costs, consolidating vendors and many more solutions.

Betco’s new training module will: familiarize customers with the hospitality and lodging market, describe the opportunity, identify the key decision makers and influencers and their typical challenges. And most importantly, provide an outline for how to sell.

The Hospitality and Lodging training module includes:

  • Market overview video
  • Interactive learning module and certification exam
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Module word document to use with PowerPoint
  • Glossary of terms
  • Market outline
  • Hospitality and Lodging brochure

Login to Betco’s Customer Central today and access the new training course.

Stealth 20 Update News Cover Photo

New Improvements to Stealth ™ 20

We have made some exciting new improvements to the Betco® Stealth ASD20 walk-behind automatic scrubber. We’ve listened to your feedback and made innovative changes to make your floor care experience easier and better than ever— at no added cost!

A completely revised squeegee assembly and 4-sided blades provide for higher usage and a more powerful clean. Improved ergonomic features like the clam shell-style handlebar means easier maneuverability. Under the handlebar, operators can now find a quick and easy access point to machine components for maintenance.

Adding two casters at the rear of the Stealth ASD20, instead of just one, has improved the stability of the machine two-fold without compromising handling or performance.

An all new updated three lug pad driver provides a firm lock that is easy to remove when you need to. The new auto-release mechanism, located on the dashboard, now makes pad storage, cleaning and replacement as easy as the touch of a button.

A more sophisticated battery discharge indicator now reads battery voltage and provides more programming features for easier use and monitoring.

Increased endurance of your machine is important to us. An all-new cast aluminum deck provides superior durability and ensures your machine will withstand the test of time.

Trying to save on energy costs? The all-new Eco Mode saves on energy and provides quiet performance. Eco Mode will empower you by allowing for Stealth Day Cleaning.

Click the video below to learn more about the updates to Stealth ASD20. For more information go to

Introducing a New Tool, Refill Reminders!

Betco® is announcing a great new resource, The Refill Reminder Tool. The Refill Reminder Tool is easy to access and on This tool will benefit you during forgetful refill moments.

The Refill Reminder Tool can be used for:

  • SenTec Metered Aerosols
  • SmartScreens®
  • Floor Scrubber Pads
  • Clario® Bags of Soap
  • Laundry Products
  • Detergents or Sanitizers for Warewashing
  • Product/Testing Follow Up

Are you having trouble remembering where and when you last installed your SRS for testing and follow up? Never forget - the options are endless! Be sure to tell anybody using Betco’s products about the Refill Reminder Tool! Simply log in to Customer Central on to access Refill Reminders.

Click here to see how easy it is to use Refill Reminders.