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You asked for a new and improved solution to manually wash pot and pans … We answered with the Symplicity™ pot and pan products:


In-Sync, premium pot and pan detergent has the same great performance you have come to know and love while getting a new clean fresh fragrance and gorgeous blue color.

Citrusuds™, Citrus pot and pan detergent has an improved performance, fragrance and vibrant yellow color.

Tilly®, Pink lotion pot and pan detergent has been reformulated to a higher sudsing formula at a greater value.

Why you Shouldn’t Overload your Washers Beyond their Designed Capacity

laundryWe’ve all been there. You’re at work, and you are trying to trade jobs with another employee to avoid having to do the mountain of laundry that has piled up. Who wants to do 10 loads of linens when there are so many other things you could be doing with your time? What you might not know though, is that stuffing the washer beyond the recommended capacity can leave one with dirty linens and a broken machine.

When you over load your washers beyond the manufacturer recommended dry linen weight, you set yourself up for a letdown. Your linen needs to be able to move freely in the washer and allow the linens to rub and agitate upon themselves. This friction allows the chemicals to penetrate deep within the linen fibers and it also allows the water to flow freely between the linens and the linen fibers to leave you with an optimal level of clean. If you have too many linens in the washer, you create an environment where the linens are packed together so tightly that very little chemical or water can flow properly to clean as the chemicals and equipment were designed to do. This can be detrimental to any business, not to mention your job! Make sure you follow proper loading procedures and you are on the right path for bright and fluffy clean linens.

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Overlooking Spots on Linens? Say Hello to Permanent Stains – and Increased Costs!

prespotting2Nowadays, perhaps more than ever, our employers are asking us to perform more and more tasks during the workday in the same amount of time that we normally work.  Commercial laundry machine operators in institutional laundry facilities are no different.  They have fixed shifts, and very little or no opportunity at all to work overtime, considering budget restraints continue to get tighter and tighter.
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Liquid vs. Solid Laundry and Warewashing Products

Ever since the dawn of the Commercial Laundry and Warewashing industry, liquids and powders Betco-Warewashinghave been the only options for cleaning and sanitizing in a facility that housed a commercial laundry or warewashing operation. It was not until 1981 that solid technology was introduced to the industry – and it took some time for the concept to catch on.

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Commercial vs. Homestyle Laundry Machines

When it comes to Long Term Care – Which should you choose?

In an effort to reduce capital expenditures in institutions like Long Term Care facilities, many Laundry for Healthcare Facilitiesdecision makers are turning to purchasing smaller homestyle laundry machines, as opposed to the larger commercial type machines. Facilities of this type are constantly working toward cost savings and have made the move to these smaller machines, with the thought that they are less expensive, and can still accommodate the needs of a long term care environment. But they may not be considering all of the costs involved, from a long term overall standpoint.

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Best Tips To Improving Linen Replacement Costs

The recent trend in the escalating costs of textile products is causing many organization to refocus  on reducing their linen replacement costs. In my experience over the last 10-plus years in laundryLinen Replacement Care sales, service and consultation, the challenge of reducing linen replacement costs has been a recurring theme due to the rising costs of replacement linens, which account for up to 25% of a facility’s laundry-associated costs.
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