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Improving HCAHPS Scores With Quiet Cleaning Equipment

Healthcare providers across the country have been impacted by the Patient Protection and Hospital CleanlinessAffordable Care Act of 2010. For example, beginning with patients discharged in October 2012, the calculation of value-based incentive payments in the Hospital Value-Based Purchasing program for IPPS hospitals is now partially based on the HCAHPS performance. Now, patient satisfaction will have a positive or negative impact on the financial compensation to healthcare facilities. This makes it more important than ever to ensure that healthcare facilities are doing everything they can to improve their HCAHPS scores.

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How to Reduce Noise in Patient Areas

More than a century and a half ago, Florence Nightingale wrote in her book, Notes on Nursing, Reducing Hospital Noise
“Unnecessary noise is the most cruel abuse of care which can be inflicted on either the sick or the well.”
Despite the significant medical advances of humankind during the last 150 years, noise levels in healthcare facilities continue to be a largely unsolved problem. According to the American Journal of Nursing, studies show that high levels of sound have negative physical and psychological effects on patients, disrupting sleep, increasing stress, and decreasing patients’ confidence in the competence of their clinical caregivers.

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