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To Mat or Not to Mat, That Is the Question

imagesCAOV5CL6When we welcome someone into our home or our facility, we don’t intend for them to bring their little friends; dirt, grime, and soils. The best way to keep these unwanted visitors out of a building or facility is to use a floor matting system. While you may be disappointed that the beautiful floors are covered up by a floor mat, we think you will change your mind when you hear the benefits that an indoor matting system will provide for you. Here are several perks that go along with entryway matting.
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What’s the Deal with Disinfectants?

disinfectantsWe are glad you asked. Actually, surface disinfectants are quite simple. Apply the product … wait the specified time … and the germs are killed. You have probably heard these common Disinfecting buzz words: Kill Claims, RTU, Phenols, limited, Peroxide, Hospital, Alcohols, Dwell Time, Concentrates, Quat, Bleach and General; these are all the common buzzwords related to disinfecting.  Disinfectants are easily understood and incorporated into daily cleaning when reviewed by the individual product characteristics (OR – when broken down into individual product characteristics):  the dilution type, the active ingredient, the claims and the disinfecting strength.

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