iBet Facility Resources

The New iBet Facility Resources Suite

Introducing the new iBet® Facility Resources Suite! iBet is a comprehensive and systematic approach to facility maintenance that empowers your facility to operate at the highest efficiency!

iBet is made up of these six programs for facility maintenance:

Betco® University provides on-site and online training for new and experienced Jan San professionals. Visit betco.com to check out our upcoming training dates.

Charter is a custom wall chart creator that defines chemicals, shows the proper methods of application and highlights the surfaces that chemicals should be used on. Charter is available for distributors and end users.

Task enables end users to create customized visual aids to explain cleaning procedures with step-by-step instructions and guides them to specific chemical products and equipment to accomplish any cleaning obstacle. Task is available for distributors and end users.

Estimator provides the tools for professionals to assess their specific facility’s needs and justify converting to superior innovative chemical and equipment solutions from Betco. Estimator is available for distributors.

Proposer is a professional proposal building program that allows sales reps to showcase the advantage of using a custom program while projecting a modern and highly professional appearance. Proposer will be available for distributors; coming soon this summer!

Inspector is a powerful tool for sales reps that empowers them to create facility surveys tailored to specific market segments. Inspector will help determine what changes should be made in a cleaning and maintenance program to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Inspector will be available for distributors; coming soon this summer!

For more information, watch the video below or visit our iBet Facility Resources page on betco.com.

ibet video

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