Introducing MotoMop™, Our First Innovation of 2016

Betco® is proud to announce our first innovation of 2016, MotoMop™, small area cleaning machine. This year, drop the mop and ban the bucket and grab the most important innovation in small area cleaning.

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MotoMop scrubs floors and leaves them dry, eliminating the potential for costly slip and fall accidents. MotoMop is top of the line, cleaning four times faster than a mop and bucket and is 38 times more effective in picking up soils when measured with an ATP test meter. It’s versatile design and compact features make MotoMop the perfect solution for any facility that wants a better and more cost-effective solution to floor care. Click here to calculate your savings by choosing MotoMop over the traditional mop and bucket system.



2 thoughts on “Introducing MotoMop™, Our First Innovation of 2016

  1. Mary Engle

    I am looking for the name of a supplier who handles Betco Spot Bet in my area. My address is 4200 Alamanda Key Dr., Melbourne FL 32901 Can you help me?

    1. BetcoMarketing Post author

      Hello Mary,

      Please contact our customer service department at (888) GO-BETCO for information on distribution in your area.


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