Does cleanliness affect a hotel’s success?

Yes! Hotel cleanliness has a significant impact on guest satisfaction. Hotel cleaning has to be a priority or customers will not return and ratings will fall.

Many hotels hire commercial cleaning companies to maintain the highest standards of clean. Professional cleaning specialists are trained and equipped to deliver the latest best practices in the cleaning industry, allowing your hotel to exceed guest expectations.

From the ceiling to the floors, everything should have a new fresh feeling. Carpets and area rugs are regularly vacuumed and shampooed. The tile floors paving the reception area and lobby are buffed. Fixtures are dusted and free of finger prints. Restrooms are well maintained and stocked. The list goes on and on. Your cleaning company or crew must manage an extensive inventory of cleaning duties to meet the needs of each particular establishment.

Hotel cleanliness influences how guests perceive the establishment. It is no longer just excellent customer service that brings guests back. Guests expect a high level of cleanliness, if expectations are not meant; the guest may not come back and will most likely give the hotel a bad review. However, when expectations are exceeded, guests are likely to be repeat customers and spread the word to friends and family … bringing you more profit.

Cleanliness plays an unquestionable role in a hotel’s success and bottom line. When hotel guests enter the hotel, back after a relaxing day at the beach or a hard day spent in meetings, a spotless hotel helps them maintain a sense of calm. In the end, keeps them coming back.

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