What’s that Smell?

When you walk into a space whether a restroom, hotel, hospital, school or anywhere, a foul odor usually makes you want to turn around, leave and never return. However, when you walk into a room and a refreshing scent is in the air you feel a sense of calm. But, does the scent itself make a difference? The answer is yes. Studies have shown that we tend to “like what we know”. People give higher pleasantness ratings to smells which they are able to identify correctly such as smells from the outdoors.

Extensive testing done over the past 20 months has concluded that the “market” today does not want to smell anything except a freshness that is associated with the outdoors. Simply said “why else do people want to go to the beach, the mountains, open the windows, or just relax in the backyard?” 

Fragrance has a powerful effect on human behavior; our sense of smell can evoke strong emotional reactions and behaviors. When inhaled, these odor molecules travel into the nose and interact with odor receptors. This causes a reaction in the brain that is closely tied to memory, mood, stress and concentration. Smelling the fresh scent of the outdoors will enhance this reaction and make us feel at home, brighten our moods, deliver a sense of calm or well-being, increase alertness, and take us back in time- remembering a positive experience the last time we smelled the same scent.

Facility odors, good or bad shape the perception of the facilities cleanliness and can have a negative effect on the whole facility… including productivity and mood, resulting in a negative impact on the bottom line.

To ensure your facility smells fresh and clean, look for a malodor treatment that does not simply cover up a smell. These products only provide a temporary cover and do not eliminate the odor.  Eventually the odor causing molecules will penetrate the cover causing the odor to linger. Use a malodor treatment that transforms molecules permanently destroying the odor at its core such as Betco’s newest innovation SenTec™, a dual malodor counteractant program based upon proprietary technology. The spirit of the program is to “Bring The Outdoors In” while also eliminating odors by completely transforming the odor causing molecule.

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Lindsay Tippin is the Marketing Coordinator at Betco Corporation. During her spare time, Lindsay enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

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