Is Your Floor Stripper In Hot Water? Should It Be?

Recently our Technical Services Manager, Barry Rosenthal had a question regarding floor strippers: Why is it that some of Betco’s floor strippers are recommended to dilute with cool water and others with hot water? 

Clearly, one of the factors of cleaning is temperature (others are time, agitation and chemical) so most assume that increasing the temperature must improve the performance of the floor stripper. Not always, certain strippers have chemicals which have a lower flash point. Using hot water causes these ingredients to flash off prematurely, actually diminishing the performance of the floor stripper. However, performance is not the only reason for cool water, Betco’s Green Floor Strippers must be diluted with cool water to reduce the energy consumption of using hot water.

Recommended temperatures for Betco Floor Strippers:

Cool Water:

#184 Extreme

#888 Unlock

#194 Extreme Ultra

#541 Green Earth Floor Stripper
Hot Water:

#154 Ax-It Plus

#104 Geraldine

#561 Vanisher


Just remember, hot water is not always better.  Always check the label and use the proper temperature of water to get the maximum performance from your floor stripper.


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Lindsay Tippin is the Marketing Coordinator at Betco Corporation. During her spare time, Lindsay enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

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