Part One – Cold and Flu Season

How to Avoid Getting a Cold
Chances are at some point in your life, you have come down with the common cold and flu. There currently is no known cure for the cold; however, researchers have learned plenty about how cold viruses spread. Respiratory droplets such as coughing and sneezing, are the easiest ways to pass along your cold.

Rhinoviruses and H1N1 can also be transmitted by touching contaminated surfaces, handshakes, and other personal contact. These surfaces are known as touch points. If you get cold viruses on your fingers, you might touch your nose or eyes without even knowing it; the two key entry points for a living virus. From there, cold viruses quickly reach nasal passages, where they take a life of their own and begin multiplying at a rapid rate.

Be Careful What You Touch!
Rhinoviruses and H1N1 can survive on doorknobs, table tops, shopping cart handles and other surfaces for more than 24 hours. Avoid these pesky germs by using an alcohol foaming hand sanitizer. Clario® Alcohol Foaming Hand Sanitizer and Clario® Alcohol Gel Sanitizer come in convenient package sizes for use in commercial environments or smaller sample sizes for easy access when on the go!

The key in preventing the flu, is to wash your hands frequently! Washing your hancold and fluds can be one of the easiest ways to prevent germs, but the question is, are you doing it properly?

How to properly wash your hands:

• Rub your hands together with soap and warm water
• Scrub the fronts and backs and in between your fingers for at least 20 seconds
• Rinse your hands with clean water and dry them with a paper towel. Do not use your clothing to dry your hands, you will be amazed at the number of people who do!
• Use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol is a great back-up plan if soap and water available

*FUN FACT: Did you know that paper towels are a sanitary means for drying your hands and that an electric air dryer actually just spreads more germs! See how the H1N1 virus is impacting an area around you here!

Stay tuned for Part Two to come on Cold and Flu Prevention!
Krysten Comperchio_jpgKrysten Comperchio is a Product Manager for Skin Care and Education at Betco Corporation. During her spare time, Krysten enjoys yoga, running and keeping up on current events. Click here to contact Krysten directly.

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