A New Addition to the FastDraw® Family!

fastdrawBetco Corporation® is pleased to announce the newest addition to the FASTDRAW® family of products … FASTDRAW PRO®. The durable looking exterior is matched by a robust 3 point lock for each door and hinges that withstand the toughest cleaning environment. This versatile dispenser is designed to dispense to bottles or buckets from each bay and can be mounted on a flat wall or in a corner. Filling quart bottles has never been easier, simply slide the fill tube into the bottle and push up. The FASTDRAW chemical management systems are essential for any facility looking to reduce their chemical costs and improve safety.

2 thoughts on “A New Addition to the FastDraw® Family!

    1. BetcoBlog

      We currently do not have plans to offer pHerfect in the FastDraw container. It is available in gallon cases of four and in five gallon pails. Thank you for the question and we appreciate your input.


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