How Clean is Clean?

restroomDid you know that the average person uses the restroom four to seven times a day? Think about the amount of traffic your facility’s restroom has in any given day! That is why a clean restroom is crucial for a clean and healthy environment. The most common key touch points in a restroom, including, the toilet, sink, urinals, door knobs and sink handles can house millions of germs that can cause illnesses and infections. The concern related to the spread of disease and cross contamination is continually on the rise. People are becoming more conscientious of how clean a public restroom is. Not only is an unsanitary restroom a serious health risk, but research shows that many people judge a business or facility based off the cleanliness of their lavatory. If you are looking for new and improved tips and recommendations for your restrooms, here are a few ideas your facility might be interested in.

A Dependable Chemical- The quality of cleaning chemical a facility chooses to clean their restroom is crucial. Using the wrong chemical or a chemical that is not strong enough will not eliminate or decrease the amount of bacteria on key touch point areas. Make sure your facility’s cleaning management staff does plenty of research on the best option for your facility.

Waterless or water reducing urinals- Waterless urinals help your restroom to be sanitary and odor free. Since waterless urinals do not require flush valves, you are reducing your maintenance requirements. Another large benefit to waterless urinals is that they drastically reduce your facilities annual water use. Betco Corporation’s Smart Restroom System that includes SmartValve® waterless urinal system did a study and found that by adding a SmartValve® system, a facility can save more than 40,000 gallons of water per system involved. This can save you $400.00 per urinal per year!

Epoxy flooring- Epoxy flooring will minimize restroom maintenance needs. The grout free lines keep dirt and bacteria from collecting on the tile. If floors are tile with grout joints, a custodial service must use extra care when cleaning to make sure the floors are sanitary. These grout tiles also require special grout cleaning chemicals which require a standing time to penetrate dirt embedded in the grout. A small area scrub machine to clean grout in combination of a blended cleaner of mild acid and detergents can easily fix the problem of dirt filled grout lines.

These three considerations can drastically improve the cleanliness of your facility as well as drastically cut your labor costs and water bills. For more information regarding a clean and health restroom, contact the experts at Betco Corporation® for more information!

John ReedJohn Reed is the Director of Sustainability and Training for Betco Corporation®, Toledo, Ohio. He has over 35 years of experience in the cleaning industry. In the past 10 years John has presented over 300 green cleaning seminars to distribution and end users concerning how to make facilities more sustainable. If you would like to contact John directly, please email him at

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