To Mat or Not to Mat, That Is the Question

imagesCAOV5CL6When we welcome someone into our home or our facility, we don’t intend for them to bring their little friends; dirt, grime, and soils. The best way to keep these unwanted visitors out of a building or facility is to use a floor matting system. While you may be disappointed that the beautiful floors are covered up by a floor mat, we think you will change your mind when you hear the benefits that an indoor matting system will provide for you. Here are several perks that go along with entryway matting.

No Trespassing! – The most obvious reason to use an entryway matting system is to keep those pesky dirt and soils out of our building. About 80% of soils and containments in a building are brought in by shoes! Not to mention, the larger the floor mat, the more coverage you will have! Not just floor coverage, but germ coverage. Facilities Magazine says that just a 5 foot mat can keep up to 33% of dirt and allergens out of your building, while a 10 foot mat can keep up to 52% of particulates out! By using an indoor matting system, the mat is more likely to pick up dirt and grime that is tracked in from the outside on our shoes, coats and clothes.

Better Air Quality- Another perk to using an entry matting system is improved air quality. By keeping dirt and soils out of the facility, you are also keeping these particulates from floating around in the air you breathe. Simply putting a mat at the entry of your building will help to purify your air.

No Stripping Please! - One thing a facility will not have to worry about with an indoor floor matting system is the degrading of floors. By using an indoor mat, the floors will not have the chance to collect dirt and contaminants that are brought in from shoes. This will leave the floor’s quality lasting longer and looking better than ever.  Another benefit a proper floor matting system will do is extend the time between stripping or scrubbing and recoating floors. Keeping the dirt and soils outside will keep your facility’s floors looking better longer.

Save a buck- Using an entryway door mat will actually save your facility money! According to Facilities Magazine, it costs up to $500 to remove just one pound of dirt! And it is estimated that 24 pounds of dirt can be left in your facility for every 1,000 people that come through the door. A proper matting system will dramatically cut down the costs of cleaning maintenance! But remember routinely cleaning your mats so they are not housing unwanted germs and bacteria will help them last longer.

No Slip Grip- By adding matting to your floor, you decrease the risk for a slip and fall accident. Slip and fall accidents are dangerous situations for the individual as well as the facility. An easy way to prevent this is by simply putting down matting in a location that may be slippery or bring in slippery contaminants, like right inside from the door.

Placing floor matting in the entryway of the facility is not only beneficial to the occupants’ health, but also reduces facility expenses. Improve your facility’s expenses, image and health with a matting system!

John ReeJohn Reed_jpgd is the Director of Sustainability and Training for Betco Corporation®, Toledo, Ohio.  He has over 35 years of experience in the cleaning industry. In the past 10 years John has presented over 300 green cleaning seminars to distribution and end users concerning how to make facilities more sustainable.


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