LWW Packaging Enhancement

1052Betco Corporation® has introduced a packaging enhancement to our line of solid products. Central to the enhancement is an improved capsule design that will deliver greater reliability by allowing for the natural expansion and contraction that is common in solid products. The new capsule is approximately ¼” taller and ¼” narrower than the old capsule, but retains the “Gripper Handle” that is so popular with our customers and will still fit into existing dispensers. The dimensions of the shipping case have been changed to accommodate the new capsule, and we have added a flat piece of cardboard that sits on top of the jars, called a “layer pad”, that improves the stability of the capsules during shipment. The following impacted products are below:

 Impacted Products: 

23973-00 Symplicity™ Blaze Machine Detergent
24073-00 Symplicity™ Green Earth® Machine Detergent 
25671-00 Symplicity™ Green Earth® Pot & Pan Detergent
24771-00 Symplicity™ Pinnacle Presoak
47471-00 Symplicity™ Green Earth® Duet-S Laundry Detergent

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