Squeaky Clean to Clear Glass Cleaning

“With all the different glass cleaners out there, how do I know which one to use?”

Glass cleaners typically come in 3 different types of formula; Ammoniated, non-Ammoniated and 3rd Party Certified.

green cleaning 3Ammoniated Glass Cleaners are the original cleaners from brand names that would be purchased at a retail store.  While they have that distinct ammonia smell that we are accustomed to, they are not best suited for all types of surfaces.  For example, you should not use an ammoniated glass cleaner on Plexiglas.  Typically these types of glass cleaners are not preferred for healthcare applications due to the ammonia odor.

Non-Ammoniated Glass Cleaners are the evolution from their ammoniated brothers.  These types of glass cleaners are safe for use on multiple surfaces including Plexiglas.  Typically long term care facilities prefer non-ammoniated cleaners because they do not have the ammonia smell.

green cleaning 1Third Party Certified Glass Cleaners are the certified to be environmentally preferred either by the ingredients within the cleaner or the toxicity to the environment.  Companies typically have to submit their products to a 3rd party certification body and pay to have the product recognized as safe.  Every year more and more facilities are moving toward third party certified products because they are safer for user and the environment.

How do I know if a product is truly GREEN? The easiest and quickest way to know if your products are GREEN is to look for some type of third party certification like; Green Seal, EcoLogo, Design for the Environment or BioPreferred.

Ken Sensel is the Product Manager for General Cleaning, Chemical Management Systems and Healthcare at the Betco Corporation. He is passionate about creating a cleaner more sustainable future through products, and programs that you inspire and we innovate. In his personal time Ken enjoys competing in ½ marathons, Toastmasters and spending time with his family. Click here to contact Ken directly.

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