The Benefits of Cleaning with Oxygen

peroxide vs bleachWe are living in the age of increased awareness on the impact of our actions, with regards to the environment and quality of life. Gone are the days of having to face the hazards of toxic chemicals in order to clean a facility. There are now preferred cleaning chemicals that are quickly taking the place of their hazardous counterparts. While many facilities are discontinuing the use of toxic chemicals, one culprit still exists, Chlorine Bleach. Many feel that chlorine bleach is the best option; however, Hydrogen Peroxide is a better substitute, not only with regards to cleaning and disinfection, but also for the environment and facility surfaces.

There are several negative drawbacks of bleach including:

Efficacy: Bleach can quickly and easily become inactive by some detergents or food particles.
Stability: Exposure to air and light over time can reduce the levels of chlorine quickly, making it ineffective.
Corrosive: Items such as aluminum, stainless steel, silver plating, rubber and plastic finishes are all susceptible to corrosion from bleach.
Dangerous: Bleach is one of the most reactive cleaning solutions. Any accidental combination of bleach and other cleaners can produce noxious and deadly fumes.
Price vs. cost: Many see the relative low cost as compared to effectiveness as a perk of bleach. Considering the factors above however, chlorine bleach can actually be a more expensive choice than other sanitizers.

The better alternative to disinfection, Hydrogen Peroxide, is effective for multiple applications including, hard surfaces, floors and restrooms. According to Steve Ashkin, the well-known “Green Cleaning Expert”, “Hydrogen peroxide based products have an improved health and environmental profile compared to most other disinfectants and sanitizers.” Hydrogen Peroxide provides disinfection without the risk of toxic fumes, corrosion or dangerous reactions.

Would you feel safe in a car without airbags or use a tape worm to lose weight? Of course not, there are modern advancements that have deemed these solutions obsolete and not to mention unsafe. The better question is why is bleach still used in cleaning and sanitizing? It is clear that Hydrogen Peroxide offers a safe and more effective option to cleaning and sanitization.

Andy Gail is the Associate Product Manager – Disinfectants for the Betco Corporation. He is driven to ensure a cleaner more sustainable future through products, and programs that you inspire and we innovate. When not disinfecting, Andy enjoys spending time with friends and traveling. Click here to contact Andy directly.

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