DSR Skills Assessment Program

betcouBetco® has always felt training is a vital component in a successful sales career and to this end; Betco University has been used by our Distributors for many years with over 10,000 exams taken. One of our goals for Betco U online has been to assist our Distributor partners in establishing goals for newer sales professionals.

The purpose of the DSR Skills Assessment Program is to assist Betco Distributor management in assessing the skill level of newer sales representatives (6 to 18 months) for specific categories – skin care, resilient floor care, dilution control, powered cleaning equipment, disinfectant basics, green cleaning, general cleaning techniques, carpet cleaning, restroom sanitation and worker safety (OSHA Bloodborne and HAZCOM). The results are intended to assist management in evaluating the DSR’s progress and identify areas for further study.

Please contact Customer Service at 888-462-3826 for more information.

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