Betco Corporation’s Smart Restroom System

Betco Corporation’s Smart Restroom System is everywhere in the news! Betco’s Smart Restroom Systems has been known to reduce operating costs, assist in LEED and BOMA 360 degrees and improve tenant/occupant satisfaction. SRS can save you thousands of dollars annually in water consumption.  Recently, we have had many exciting announcements about the SRS program that includes 3 new flush valve solutions, a new testimonial, web updates and live presentations.

May 28th Amarillo, TX – Betco® presented the SRS to the High Plains Chapter of the Texas Energy Management Association (TEMA).

June 17th- Betco announced 3 flush valve solutions for the SRS. This means we can now retrofit Toto®, Sloan® and Delany flush valves.

August 1st – Dallas, TX – Betco presented the SRS to the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of TEMA. Total of 44 TEMA attendees. Attendance varied from ISD’s to Energy Management Companies.

Testimonial Updates

Ticker – Total Saved Natural Resources

  • 12,000 – Number of Smart Combo Packs sold since launch in November, 2011.
  • 480,000,000 – Number of gallons of fresh water reduced per year based on combo packs sold.
  • 726 – Number of Olympic Size Swimming Pools.

Learn more about SRS on!

3 thoughts on “Betco Corporation’s Smart Restroom System

  1. Charlie Labs

    We went with the Smartvalve system over a year ago. Since then we have had a number of urinals plug up with both a white calcium looking build up and a white slime like a melted golf ball. We have contacted BETCO and had a rep out. He took samples but we never heard anything. Now we cannot get him to answer calls. If we can’t find a solution we will have to go away from the system.


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