How to Solve Your Slippery Floor Problem With Proper Floor Care

A slippery floor is a liability you cannot ignore. Routine maintenance is required to maintain the Floor Care Mistakes - Proper Floor Caredesired appearance level of your floor and more importantly, to prevent slip hazards. Most floors are subjected to excessive traffic and soils; further the possibility of slip hazards exist when dirt, soil and moisture are present on the surface. A simple routine maintenance plan should be in place to not only to make floors look their best, but to keep them safe.

While it is important to apply a floor finish, applying floor finish and doing nothing to maintain the floors is just as bad as not applying finish at all. Routine maintenance extends the life of the floor by effectively removing dirt and soil that penetrate the protective coatings causing the film to become rough, less reflective and less slip resistant.

A simple routine maintenance plan should be in place and followed. A good plan must include the following:
• Entrance door matting
• Regular dust mopping
• Damp mopping or automatic scrubbing with neutral or daily cleaner.

Good matting at the entrance is your first defense to catch dirt and moisture. Dirt will wear the finish and wet floors are a slip hazard. Matts collect a large percentage of dirt and moisture that can get tracked in from outside and proper matting will trap these contaminants before they become a problem.

Regular dust mopping removes soil and debris that causes premature deterioration of the floor finish exposing the VCT requiring extra maintenance to repair. Bare VCT is also a slip hazard.
Damp mopping or using an automatic scrubber with a neutral or daily cleaner is an effective way to remove dirt and soils as part of your routine maintenance. There are many styles and configurations of auto scrubbers to choose from that fit any budget. Neutral cleaners are specifically formulated to lift dirt and soil maximizing safety and appearance on your floor.
Maximum appearance is achieved when the floor coating is as clean and smooth as possible. Make sure you have a routine maintenance plan in place for your facility that will keep your floors look great and most importantly … SAFE!

Rob Dodson is the Product Manager for Floor Care & Retail at the Betco Corporation. Rob is an avid sports fan and hopes to one day experience a championship. In his free time he enjoys hanging out with his wife and 3 kids. Click here to contact Rob directly.

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